America’s Greatness

I’ve heard people say that America has never been great. And it really pisses me off! It does! And nine times out of ten, it’s usually some whiny ass, liberal cry baby saying it! Or some black person who’s still pissed off about slavery!

Look, I get it. Slavery, no matter what country you’re in, is a bad thing! Be that as it may, slavery in the United States ended over a century ago! To be precise, it ended in 1865 with the 13th Amendment. That’s 155 years ago!

What the fuck do you want me or someone else living today to do about it? Let me wave my magic wand and erase it completely from existence!

These same liberals who say that America has never had a time of greatness, are still pissed that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. Let’s make this perfectly clear: Hillary Clinton lost the election for herself. While Donald Trump was talking about jobs, she was talking about America’s moral obligation in allowing a man to use the women’s restroom because he feels like a woman! (Insert Shania Twain here)

Take this dumb broad for instance. Notice how she says: It was never great in the first place.

Now, whether or not you’re a sports fan, I want you to go out, find someone who’s wearing a Michael Jordan jersey and tell them that he was never great! That he was never any greater than, say…oh, John Starks. Which Starks was highly overrated, of course. I want you to tell them this and see how long before their fist collapses your nose!

And to be honest, the NBA has never been the same since. It hasn’t. It sucks! Ass! The last player who epitomized greatness in the NBA after Michael Jordan was Kobe Bryant. Lebron James, Steph Curry. Just a bunch of overpaid, cry baby bitches, if you ask me!

Win the national championship, refuse to go to the White House because of the man who’s occupying the building. Fuck off! Most Americans would love to have the chance to see the Oval Office and say “Mr. President”. I know I would! And I wouldn’t care if they be Republican or Democrat!

Jimmy Kimmel. That’s another cry baby bitch! Have you noticed how with almost every single guest he has, he has to bring up President Trump? You’re an entertainer! Entertain! He even tried it with Peyton Manning. And Manning doesn’t even speak ill of his opponents on the football field! Why would he speak ill of the President of the United States?

I’ve gotten off track here. Where was I? Oh yeah! Cry baby, bitch ass liberals and their stubborn refusal to admit that America has had and continues to have moments of greatness!

We’ve already covered slavery. It was bad. Okay. We get it! Let’s move on!

Abraham Lincoln

If scroll up to the screenshot I provided, you’ll see where dumb broad, bitch ass liberal woman said that Abraham Lincoln was really the only President to bring about change in United States. I bet, dear reader, that you and the dumb liberal broad both still believe that Abraham Lincoln was the abolitionist schools today purport him to be!

On August 22, 1862, President Lincoln penned a letter to the editor of the New Your Tribune, Horace Greeley. In it, he said:

My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union; and what I forbear, I forbear because I do not believe it would help to save the Union.

So, you see? Lincoln didn’t give a flying fuck as to who owned whom! In his own words, his “paramount object” was to preserve the Union. On December 18, 1865, Secretary of State William H. Seward declared that the 13th Amendment had been adopted. And that took an effort of Congress and the states. Not Abraham fucking Lincoln!

It should be noted that at the time Lincoln wrote this letter, the Emancipation Proclamation was laying on his desk.

The Declaration of Independence and the Revolution

At the same time that liberal cry babies claim that America has never been great, they fail to realize how close we came to a completely different world than the one we know today! Had our Founding Fathers never answered the call to freedom, or had been crushed by the Royal military, America would now be splintered into several different factions.

Can you imagine a world today where the east coast is controlled by the British? A southeast controlled by Spain? The French (maybe) would control the south, on up to the midwest. And Mexico might have control of the west. Let it be known that there wouldn’t be a single Native American left breathing.

Historical fiction and what-ifs can only lead to conjecture!

On July 4, 1776, fifty-six delegates from the Second Continental Congress declared with a mighty shout that the thirteen colonies were sovereign states and no longer susceptible to British rule. John Hancock, being among them, made his signature the largest of all. The American War for Independence was fought from April 19, 1775 to September 3, 1783.

I can only imagine the patriotism and pure joy of those young Americans as the King’s Royal government conceded to American sovereignty!

The War of 1812

Some historians call the War of 1812 the actual war for American independence. And to them, I say, “fuck you!” The United States kicked British ass twice! And we did a good job of it!

The British, being the vindictive fuckers that they were, instigated war with the United States by running blockades of our harbors and cutting off American trades and goods. Threatened in the west and the north, American forces faced the daunting task of repelling attacks from British military and British supplied Native Americans. On June 18, 1812, President James Madison signed into law a Declaration of War handed to him by Congress.

The war wasn’t without its tribulations. Washington D.C. was sacked, and the White House, having only been twelve years old at the time, was burned. British soldiers captured Capitol Hill and mocked our legislative process. And a despondent President Madison fled in exile.

It was during this war, that Francis Scott Key awoke on a cool September morning, and found the American flag still flying high above Ft. McHenry for the battle of Baltimore. He penned a poem and we know it today as “The Star-Spangled Banner”.

I’m not a complete historian and I’m not about to write down every point and fact of war. However, the United States twice was able to repel the British empire and rise from the ashes.

This may or may not be Shania Twain, but why not stick with the theme?!

Other Instances of Greatness

It’s 1:30 in the morning and I’m going to wrap this up before I lose interest. The assertions from liberals that America is not great, that America has never been great, simply confounds my mind. Has the liberal media been that successful in brainwashing the masses into being that disappointed in their country?

Or are they still pissed that Hillary Clinton lost the election? I vote the latter.

The fact that they can disregard the sacrifices of American troops and allied forces, storming the beaches of Normandy is appalling. Did you know that President Roosevelt had two addresses prepared? One for success and one for failure? History hung in the balance. Somewhere in an alternate universe, I fear that history has a different tale to tell.

Let’s fast forward nearly twenty years to the Kennedy administration. Here was a man mired in the sands of war. Either way he went, it was the Soviet Union or Vietnam. Let’s not forget Cuba. The movie Thirteen Days, starring Kevin Costner, Bruce Greenwood and Steven Culp, told the intriguing and harrowing tale of a trio of men who struggled to keep two nations a step away from mutual annihilation.

Sure, there were flashpoints that were beyond President Kennedy’s control and would have forced his hand in all out war, but he kept his head in the midst of war mongers.

But no! The Declaration of Independence, the American War for Independence, the 13th Amendment, the war of 1812, WWI, WWII, rights for women and African-Americans, the preservation of the Union, American inventions and innovations-none of these qualify the United States to the level of greatness.

Instead, liberals constantly look in the rearview mirror, condemning America’s past; a history that is beyond our control. They are an embittered lot! Criticizing those who support the President, assaulting fellow Americans for wearing “MAGA” on their shirts and hats and stealing campaign signs from their front lawns.

And all the while they preach this fucking rhetoric, they don’t realize how cowardly and ignorant their words are. For it is by the sacrifices of men and women alike that they have the right to speak these malicious words!

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