What do I know?

What do I know? Not a damn thing! Well, that’s not entirely accurate. I know that the earth is round, Facebook sucks and it makes me feel like a fucking zombie and I wish it would die already. I know I’m tired of living here at my sister’s house and having nothing to do. I’m tired of feeling like a moron. I don’t know. Maybe I should own up the fact that I am a moron. What’s the definition of a moron anyway? Just looked it up: a stupid person! Okay. So I’m stupid! Fuck! I can’t win!

Earlier today, I was watching videos and documentaries on YouTube about nuclear weapons and hydrogen bombs during the arms race.  Then it went to the possibility of an asteroid hitting the earth.  We’re fucked if that ever happens!  Then I thought, you know, I tried writing a post-apocalyptic story once; I can try again!  A couple of hours of research and writing later and I realized, you know what, no I can’t!  Write what you know!  And I don’t know Jack Shit!

How stupid of me?!

I’m having a hard time of falling asleep at night. I lay here, toss and turn, scratch my ass and ballsack, and get more pissed off by the minute! The last few nights, I even tried melatonin. Did that work? Fuck no! I still tossed and turned! Maybe I should try swallowing an entire bottle. Can you overdose on melatonin?

I could download porn again, but what good would that do? I’d go on a downloading binge and wind up feeling worse about myself than what I already do!

Remember the post I wrote a little while ago about America’s Greatness? Look at me writing this like someone actually reads this blog and like someone actually cares. Anyway, it was probably the best work I had done in quite a long while, and it wasn’t really something I wanted to write about. I miss the the graveyard and the caretaker. You know, the kind of writing where I was really able to explore my mind and creative side. But, fuck me! I can’t even summon the mental capacity to do that now!

I don’t know. Maybe stupidity has something to do with it!

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