What can I say about myself that preserves my anonymity?

I’m a married white man, in his 30s from the Midwest. I wouldn’t say that I am unhappily married. Although marriage has presented its challenges and has pushed me to my limits on more than one occasion.

I’m a father of three boys and every last one of them is on the autism spectrum. Imagine that. It’s like somewhere up in heaven, our guardian angles were drawing straws. Who gets the short end?

I shouldn’t say that. I love my boys and I am very proud of them. However, like marriage, I sometimes wonder if all my efforts are worthwhile.

I identify as a Christian. Although, I’m not a very good one. Is it faith or deeds or deeds or faith that makes a good one? I try not to look down on people for way they live their lives. I know that in God’s sight, I’m not any better.

At any rate, I appreciate you taking a look at this. I look forward to hearing from you.

Take her easy, take her hard…what the hell…just take her!