“Hey!” she said, flashing a sweet smile. “So my friend and I over there,” she points to a saucy redhead, “saw you sitting by yourself and thought you might want to come over.” “Wow. Women really do that? I thought that was only something you saw in movies and television.” “Do what?” “Never mind. Look,Continue reading “Bar”


Suicide is a feeling of hopelessness; a feeling that nothing is going to get better. Feeling like the rut you’re in will last the rest of your life. Despite your best efforts, the walls of the canyon you’re mired in, stretch upwards for miles. Webster classifies rut as a noun: a habit or pattern ofContinue reading “Suicide”


Yesterday, I dreamt that I was driving in the country. Storm clouds swirled overhead. And I looked off to the horizon, to my right and to my left, and saw tornadoes; not the “EF-5” kind, but skinnier ones. They twisted and weaved across the land; sucking up objects and spitting them back out as debris.Continue reading “Tornado”

Wrong and Stupid

I’ve been really down on myself here lately. And for good reason, I suppose. I’m just a stupid person. I make the same mistakes over and over again, expecting a different result…and then I feel like this when it doesn’t. Like shit. I know what you’re gonna say. “Stop putting yourself down!” Well, too late.Continue reading “Wrong and Stupid”

Bound and Soul

Bound to a rock Shackles cut my flesh Sins and burdens I carry Even unto my death One by one They torture me The Gallowsmen taunt me Of my past They remind me I hear the whip Cutting through the air Metal barbs and wires Sever muscle from bone My blood pours And pools aroundContinue reading “Bound and Soul”

Hi there…

Dear reader, I thank you for clicking on this. Although, I am sure that you were perusing through the latest posts and either intentionally clicked on my site, or accidentally did. Whichever way it is, I am glad you’re here. I’m no freshman to blogging. In fact, I love blogs. I’ve tried various sorts ofContinue reading “Hi there…”