A Fresh One

Well, hello! Couldn’t keep away, huh? It’s been, what, a day? Watch your step! That’s someone’s lower intestines! I don’t know who the hell it is! A couple of hippies, maybe! Or some fucken horny teenagers! Ah! Here’s her tit! A pretty good sized one from the looks of it! You want it? Suit yourself.Continue reading “A Fresh One”

Old Memories

It’s been quiet here lately. No sightings of vampires, ghouls or werewolves. The wind whistles through the trees with a ghastly moan, though. It sends shivers down my spine! I used to think this place was a refuge for my pain and repressed memories. Now I’m not so sure. Plenty of good memories have beenContinue reading “Old Memories”

America’s Greatness

I’ve heard people say that America has never been great. And it really pisses me off! It does! And nine times out of ten, it’s usually some whiny ass, liberal cry baby saying it! Or some black person who’s still pissed off about slavery! Look, I get it. Slavery, no matter what country you’re in,Continue reading “America’s Greatness”


There is no equal balance of sleep with me. I either sleep too little, or too much. I can’t sleep at night. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m here at family’s and my wife and children are at home, but when everyone goes to bed, I get anxious. I can’t sleep. IContinue reading “Sleep”

Porn Withdrawal Syndrome

The years I’ve spent being a heavy user of porn have taken their toll. The last few days-maybe even longer-have not been fun. I guess what I am going through is to be expected: irritability, anxiety, lethargy, stress, difficulty sleeping. All of these are signs of addiction withdrawal. I don’t think that I have everContinue reading “Porn Withdrawal Syndrome”

Wrestling with the Mind

In my last post “Dog Down”, I talked about how I repented of my sin to pornography. It marks about the hundredth time that I have. I know myself all too well. I know that I am human. That isn’t to say that I intend to return to watching porn. It is to say, however,Continue reading “Wrestling with the Mind”


Yesterday, I dreamt that I was driving in the country. Storm clouds swirled overhead. And I looked off to the horizon, to my right and to my left, and saw tornadoes; not the “EF-5” kind, but skinnier ones. They twisted and weaved across the land; sucking up objects and spitting them back out as debris.Continue reading “Tornado”


How do I feel right now? I feel tired, worn out, numb, empty, unmotivated, uninspired, hopeless. You ever feel this way? I’m sure a lot of people get this way from time to time. But for me, it’s an every day occurrence. You know, I really don’t hope for anything in the future. Hope, asContinue reading “Lethargic”


I’m restless tonight. As I typically am once my boys go to bed. It’s like my mind is on hyperdrive and there’s no way to put on the damn brakes! What do I do with my time now? Do I read? Do I write? Do I watch a movie? The fuck if I know! IContinue reading “Restless”