My Political Thoughts So Far…

Henry Ford and Nazi Germany

It’s interesting the things you learn when you read.  For instance, did you know that Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, was not only antisemitic, but a strong supporter of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany?  From 1920 to 1927, Ford published a newspaper called “The Dearborn Independent”.  And with these publications, he was soon seen as a prominent spokesman of “right-wing extremism and religious prejudice.” 

Documentary filmmaker, Ira Berkow, states that on May 22, 1920, Ford wrote, “If fans wish to know the trouble with American baseball they have it in three words—too much Jew.”  Nazi Germany would later publish his newspapers in four volumes called “The International Jew, the World’s Foremost Problem”.  Hitler himself would later regard Ford as “one great man.”  While testifying at Nuremberg, Baldur Von Shirach, said that he and his comrades were influenced by “The International Jew”. 

“I read it and became antisemitic,” he said.  He and his friends saw Henry Ford as a “representative of success” in their crusade to exterminate the Jews.  It should be noted that Shirach was instrumental in shepherding over 65,000 Jews to concentration camps im Poland.

According to his book, “The Rise of the Fourth Reich”, Jim Marrs states “Ford’s son, Edsel, sat on the board of American I.G. Farben and G.A.F.  In July 1940, at a meeting in Dearborn, Michigan, between ITT’s Westrick and the Fords, it was decided that rather than build aircraft engines for beleaguered Britain, the Ford company would build five-ton military trucks for Germany, “the backbone of German Army transportation.”

What is most disturbing is that like George Bush’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, whose firm laundered money to Nazi Germany, none of these men were ever tried for treason.  General Motors escaped the treasonous gallows as well.  They provided synthetic fuel technology to Nazi Germany.

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that up until 1918, Henry Ford was a Republican.  After that…

….he was a Democrat!

Politicians Pay Lip Service to the Constitution

Since we’re on the subject, notice how politicians like to throw around the word “Constitution” when the cameras are on?  Did you know that holding the impeachment trial in the Senate for a President who’s not even in office is un-Constitutional?  Funny the things you learn when you read the Constitution, huh?

Fuck off, Joe

Joe Biden,

Notice how I didn’t put a “dear” or “President” in front of that?  Anyway, you and your cohorts in crime should be ashamed of how you’re treating the men and women occupying Washington.  Making them sleep on the cold, hard ground and on the cold concrete in a parking garage?  I don’t know.  Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s because I’m not a military man, but we’re not at war.  These are men and women who are protecting your sorry asses!  I don’t see how the Joint Chiefs can stand to be in the same room with you.  I hear that President Trump offered to put those men and women up in his hotel.  Good for him!  I also hear that the Pentagon won’t let you have access to an ongoing intelligence operation!  Bravo!  I hope they keep it up!

PS: I even saw a video of a handicapped man bringing those same soldiers pizza.  You’re a disgrace.

Executive Orders

During his first 100 days in office, President Trump signed 24 executive orders.  His first day in office, Joe Biden signed 17!  Do you see the imbalance of power?  And most of his executive orders will eliminate jobs that President Trump’s administration created, and will cost the American taxpayers more money that President Trump saved.  Joe Biden will break the economy!  There’s going to be another war somewhere soon!  Bet on it!  Still think it was a good idea to vote for him?

Climate Change

People think that climate control initiatives and more taxes and regulations will stem global warming, but it won’t.  Just as sanctions do not bring tyrannical dictatorships to their knees, climate control taxes further line the wealthy’s pockets.


Now a handful of professors are combining their efforts to blacklist President Trump and his administration officials from getting book deals.  Never before has an outgoing President received this sort of censoring.  Fascists don’t get censored; fascists do the censoring.  Remember that.

The United States and Concentration Camps

Fun fact: the incarceration of Japanese Americans in US made concentration camps took place from 1942 to 1946.  And guess what party was in the White House!  Yep!  A Democrat!

Mask Mandate

So Joe Biden doesn’t have to wear a mask for a photo op at the Lincoln Memorial, but one soldier is seen without a mask, and national guardsmen are forced to sleep outside and in a parking garage?  The 3rd Amendment protects you from being forced to give quarters to military personnel.  I say let’s repeal that for Congressional members.  Let the soldiers sleep in warm, comfortable beds while the politicians sleep in the cold!

Joe Biden COVID Answer

Remember in October of last year how Biden criticized President Trump about his handling of the COVID epidemic?  Well, now Joe “Creeping While You’re Sleeping” Biden says he can’t change the trajectory of COVID-19 for the next several months.  Imagine that!  Will Americans have any rights left by summer?

Democrats Are Dogs

You gotta hand it to the Democrats, boy!  Once they latch onto a bone, they never let go of the friggin thing!  Crooked Chuck Schumer says that if President Trump’s impeachment trial fails, they have a backup plan!  And that plan is to use the 14th Amendment to bar the President from ever running for office again.  Of course, this would be because of the inciteful comments the President never made. 

Critical Thinking

Now, I’m calling on liberals and conservatives-just those of us who have the ability of free thinking-to ask the question: why do the Democrats want the President gone so bad?  They tried to have him removed from office over Ukraine; didn’t work.  They tried to have Mike Pence remove him from office; didn’t work.  And now, they’re going to waste more American taxpayer dollars to try a man who isn’t even holding any kind of office at the moment! 

Why would they waste more time with this?  The economy was good under President Trump.  We didn’t get into any new wars, unlike the previous Democrats and Republicans.  We weren’t nuked.  We didn’t go to war with Russia (on second thought, maybe that’s what they wanted).  Our economy has been ravaged by COVID-19, and this is the Democratic Congress’ first act? 

Democrats are pathetic!

So why waste all this time?  Because they don’t like outsiders!  No President has been treated as badly as President Trump has been.  And that’s because, in its entirety, Donald Trump has called Washington DC out on all its bullshit.


Has anyone ever noticed how members of the media will spend a copious amount of time bashing each other, but when it comes to protecting the government, they join forces? This is debunked! That is debunked! Theories and questions are quickly pushed aside! The fact that you have liberties and rights and the right to privacy are quickly debunked.

Stammering Joe and Executive Orders

For four years, all we heard from Democrats and liberals is how President Trump is such a ruthless dictator! Now, they’re applauding Joe Biden for setting a record for most executive orders signed his first week in office, despite Biden condemning the act in October of last year, calling them the act of a “dictator”. Do you see the hypocrisy? It’s never about us; it’s about them! Well, we can’t say much for him, but we can say one thing for stammering Joe, at least. He calls them like he sees them!

These Fuckin Cock Suckers Don’t Care About You!!!

Nancy Pelosi says that it would be “harmful to unity” to skip President Trump’s impeachment trial.  What trial?  What unity?  This national divide started clear back when Bush II was in office and “Mission Accomplished” turned into “Mission Failure”.  Donald Trump has left office.  I don’t know how many ways I can say this, but Pelosi is fuckin batshit crazy!  The system is fuckin broken, the system is a fuckin fraud!  It’s a fuckin sham!  A slap in the face to the American people!  These dickheads fought for MONTHS about a stimulus bill to give AMERICANS money to live on when people were broke, they didn’t have jobs, they were fuckin hungry!  Trust me!  I worked through it all, and Ramen noodles sold like fuckin GOLD!  To any liberal reading this, these dickheads, both parties, fought months and months to pass a stimulus bill, because they both wanted to add their own pet projects into it, but they’ll give some fuckin  JACKASS overseas free money that YOU AND I have to fuckin pay for!  How does this not piss you the fuck off?!  How can you think that Biden and Pelosi and Romney and McConnell are so fuckin wonderful?!  You remember the movie “A Bug’s Life”?  Hang with me a second, you’ll see where I am going with this.  Anyway, the scene where Hopper tells his crew that “those ants outnumber us a hundred to one!  And if they figure that out, there goes our way of life!”  We’re the ants!  They’re the grasshoppers!  Let that sink in!  I don’t agree with George Carlin on religion, but I will say this: he’s right about government when he said, “those cock suckers in Washington don’t give a fuck about you!”  Let that sink in!

Fuck count (in case the “F” word offends you: 11 Fucks

End of the Republic?

To say that I am disappointed that President Trump is conceding the election, is a gross understatement.  I support the President now, and I’ll support him long after he leaves office.  And to all my liberal friends who read this and wonder how someone can support him, allow me to put it to you gracefully: he isn’t a career politician.

Think about that.

With the exception of Donald J. Trump, every person who has ran for the Office of President and won, every single last one of them, has been a career politician.  And career politicians are like a family.  Think of them as dueling mafia clans.  Sure, one of them gets sacrificed every now and then, but once someone from the outside comes along to upset that balance, they bond together to fight that person.

People think that after Biden takes office, things will go on like they are, but they won’t.  President Trump has changed things.  His election has exposed how crooked and rancid American society really is.  For four years, all we heard about was Russian collusion.  The government spent more money investigating that altogether than they did the terror attacks of September 11, 2001; even with inflation taken into consideration.  And ever since that day, the United States has been under a constant state of “declared war”.

We are the Late Great United States!  We prop up dictators and support despotism, toppled governments and have installed puppet regimes, but how dare someone interfere with our election process!

Think about that.

I have never seen a President so embattled than President Trump.  And that was even before he took office.  People who once loved him for his money, now hate him.  Celebrities who make their living by “playing pretend” called for his assassination.  And we’re deplorables?

Had any conservative celebrity said this about Obama, they would be blacklisted from Hollywood.  Want to know why Hollywood liberals schmoozed so close to Obama?  Because he was HALF black.  And everyone hates to be branded as a racist nowadays.

I’ll throw another wrench in your cogs: freedom is an illusion.  Now, we can talk all day long about term limits and throwing current members out, pay cuts and all that shit, but it won’t happen.  The government has gained all the authority, and we let them.

I wish I could say that great days are ahead for the United States, but I can’t.  We’re going to see more foreign entanglements that have absolutely nothing to do with us, a stronger push for gun abolition, unprecedented spending and a massive government overhaul that will dwarf our wildest fears.  People think that with Biden, things will get better, but they won’t.  It will be back to more of “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.

During President Trump’s four years, we had a real chance to correct some of our wrongs.  However, we decided to focus on Russia.  Democrats and the media sold us a lie and many fell for it, hook, line and sinker!

Now, a weary President Trump will leave the White House on January 20th.  A cowardly Mike Pence will come back to Indiana, hopefully, a cold welcome.  For four years, he had to defend his character as opposed to tackling the real issues plaguing America.  One of our greatest missed opportunities.

And that, my fellow Americans, is truly sad.

Monkey Journal #3

I haven’t posted here for a few days. Some changes have been made. For one, I’ve hung plastic up around the cage. That way if “Kevin” decides to have a tantrum and throw his shit, it’ll hit the plastic and not the walls. Second, I’ve laid sawdust and straw down on the bottom of his cage. That seems to help with the smell and he actually seems to have picked a corner to do his business. I’ve also given him a small blanket.

I swear I’m not going soft!

And third, instead of spraying down his cage, I fill a bucket with hot water (not scalding hot, but hot enough), and dunk his ass in it; careful to wash his head entirely with body wash. I think his previous owners used to give him baths, because he didn’t appear to be intimidated by the water. That was until he got in, and then it was a screeching, hollering fit. I dunked his head quite a few times. He always comes up coughing and gagging.

I dry him off with a towel that has been hung out on the line, no fabric softener. To be honest, the towel feels like fuckin sand paper. He screeches and howls, and does his best to get away from me, but there’s no place for him to go. He gets three meals a day, so he isn’t starving.

I’ve watched videos online of how Chinese and other people in that part of the world treat their monkeys, and boy, can they be brutal. I’m getting some good ideas, though. For instance: they train them to walk on their hind legs by tying their hands behind their backs and leading them by a collar. Try putting a small collar on this little fucker, why don’t you!

I took my tazer out and caught him right on the dick with it! He flopped all over the fuckin place, screeching and hollering. I was able to finally put the collar on him and zip-tie his hands behind his back. I took him upstairs and led him around on the leash for a while. He’d take a couple steps, fall over, hit his lips, have a tantrum and lay there squawking. I’d get him back on his feet and lead him around some more. He did better as the day went along, but I eventually took him back downstairs, put him back in his cage and freed his hands.

His hair is starting to grow back, so I have to figure out a way shave him while he’s awake. More on that later.

Monkey Journal #2

Again, this is entirely fiction. Animal rights activists need not apply!

When I awoke this morning, I went downstairs to check on my captive. I’ve recently soundproofed my basement for more pleasurable nocturnal activities. Maybe I’ll write about that at a later date.

Anyway, from the time I opened that basement door, the smell of monkey shit and piss was so strong, it damn near crossed my eyes. And to make matters worse, that little fucker was screaming and hollering at the top of his fucking lungs!

I didn’t waste any time. I put on a pair of goggles, a bandana over my mouth and nose, hooked up the garden hose, doused that little son of a bitch in body wash, and went to fucking town. The body wash isn’t tear free and I laughed out loud when he was rubbing the hell out of his eyes, trying hard to get the soap and water out.

I had to spray down my walls and some of my tools. Washed all that shit down the drain!

He was quiet afterwards, picking at his skin where his fur used to be. I did leave a little bit of hair on the top of his head. He discovered it and kept pulling at it! I may have to tie him down and see how he likes the feel of a razor!

I did find out what his name is, however. My neighbors came to my door and asked if I’d seen him. Being a cop, I’ve become quite acquainted with a decent poker face. I told them I hadn’t and they handed me a flyer. The fuckin monkey was dressed in a t-shirt with a rocket on him and shorts. Why in the fuck would anyone dress a monkey? That’s like putting a sweater on a snake! It won’t work!

They’re offering a $500 reward for his safe return. His name is Kevin.

The missus was acting bereaved; like she’d just lost her fuckin grandmother or something!

“You see how he smiles?” she says.

“Um, yeah,” I replied.

Actually, I didn’t see a monkey smiling. It’s ludicrous to think they can! All I saw was a fuckin monkey baring its teeth, glad that he busted my dog’s eye!

The pathetic couple finally left, and when I took the flyer down to show “Kevin”, he was quiet in his cage. But once he saw it, and I took it away, he started this horrid screeching noise and flopping and flailing all over the god damn place! The sound of his tantrum reminded me of Hillary Clinton. I slid the flyer in between the bars, gave him a few scraps of banana and orange, and left to prepare for work.

Best Years

Do you ever get the feeling that your best years are behind you? Like everyday that you live, you’re just going through the motions of living until you die? Kind of morbid when you think of it, but that’s where I am right now.

It isn’t pleasant.

To cope with this emptiness, I’ve been buying Playboy and Penthouse magazines from a local sex toy store. I feel so naughty walking in there. I know that for some, it’s not that big of a deal, but for me….?

Speaking of the sex toy store, I went there one night, looking for cock extenders. I’m white, so fuck you! I told the woman who was helping me that my wife has a friend she likes to have sex with, and whenever he’s not around, she likes for me to fuck her with something bigger to try and match his size. Turns out, the woman is in sort of a swinger situation. What I told the woman was an absolute lie. Mine and my wife’s lives are mundane and our sex life is dead. But I’ve talked to her in the past about swinging. I wonder if it would help our marriage, or obliterate it beyond recognition?

Other than parenting and work, I have no life.

For the last month, my wife has been working day shift where I work. She comes home, I go to work, I come home and I’m the one that has to clean up the house. It doesn’t matter if my feet are killing me. Doesn’t matter if I just want to sit down, relax and unwind. But talking gets me nowhere. If you want something done right, do it yourself.

Speaking of the dirty magazines, I had groceries delivered to my house yesterday via Walmart. I know. The big corporate monster, right? Anyway, I thought that it would be-not funny, but interesting-to leave them out on my workbench and see if the delivery person noticed them. I was taking a chance on this. I guess the person could have reported me to someone, or they could have brought a kid along.

I was fortunate, though. She didn’t have any kids, she was blonde and good looking. Walking into my garage, she noticed them. She was wearing those big ass sunglasses that resemble beetle’s eyes, but I know she saw them. Although, it didn’t stop her from talking to me.

Looking back on it now, I have to ask myself: why do I do this shit? Was it to see if I could provoke a response from the person? Was it to say…hey, this guy here is a fucking pervert!? Perhaps, by some small measure, add a little excitement to my life? Who knows? I’m an idiot, that’s all I know!

I went to Barnes and Noble the other day and bought a Penthouse Letters magazine (because I love to read those fuck stories, don’t you know?) and a Playboy. The Playboy was more like a fucking book. A lot of literature but not a lot of nudity. I threw the magazine away. I’ve blown money on stupid shit before.

Anyway, I go to the checkout, and there’s some old fat broad buying about ten fucking books! I wish I had not only the money, but the time to read that damn much! Makes me fucking jealous!

Is a person born with ADD or ADHD? Or can they develop it later on in life. I scratched through the ADHD because I sure as the hell ain’t fucking hyper. Sure as the hell wish I was!

All of this may not have anything to do with “the best years of my life”; it’s just what’s popping into my grapefruit right now.

Why do women pride themselves on being observant and can find dirt in a snow storm, but they stand in the middle of the fucking aisle at the grocery store? Or you have those people who are walking as slow as they possibly can up the entrance, knowing full well that if you get too pissed off, you can run them over with your car! They look at you and these fat asses know that you want fucking through, but do they hustle it up? Fuck no! They go even fucking slower!

Sometimes, I just want to holler out the window, “c’mon, type 2 diabetic! Move it along!”

Ugh. I am not in a great frame of mind this morning. It’s too early in the morning this fucking shit. I’d like to type this in the dark, but my son keeps turning on the damn light.

Why is it when I see a good looking woman, I don’t wonder what her pussy, ass or tits look like-well, I do, but it isn’t the first thought that runs through my head-I wonder what her feet look and smell like? To have a foot fetish is one thing, but this is just insane. Before you ask, no, I haven’t gone up to a woman and asked if I can smell her feet. I can’t smell anything anyway. I have been tempted though to go up to a woman and tell her that she does have nice feet. But they’d probably look at me like I was some sort of weirdo.

People are so fucking sensitive nowadays! You can’t say a god damn thing without offending someone. It’s ridiculous. And this is the United Fucking States of America! There is no such thing as free speech. It doesn’t help that you have the lib-turd on CNN-what the fucks her name? Nancy Grace? who the fuck knows? I’ll think of it after I publish this-and the old, over-the-hill has beens on The View and The Talk championing the crisis button!

Stupid twat sticks!

I’m convinced that women who watch these shows hate men. It’s just a fact. You’ve got to own that shit, because you’re just as rancid and deplorable as the rest of us!

By the way, have you ever noticed when the government plans to “overhaul” or “reform” something, it comes at a time of “national crisis”? People who support democratic socialism are a bunch of dumbasses! Do you know what it means when the government says they’re going to “reform” something? It means they’re about to take more of your rights away. Anytime the government says, “hey, let me fix this!” you can bet your life’s salary that they’re gonna fuck it up more. More government doesn’t mean less problems.

Have you ever noticed how it’s okay for liberals to be judgmental of Christians but it’s not okay for Christians to be judgmental of liberals? Liberal to Christian, points finger: you’re not perfect! Well, I’m glad you fucking noticed! You’re the next fucking Sherlock Holmes!

Why is a man who likes women’s feet (not all women’s; just because you’re a woman, doesn’t mean you have nice feet; I’m talking about women who have nice feet due in part to genetics and because they take care of them) considered gross, but he’s not considered gross for putting a woman’s pussy in his mouth?

I write erotica, okay? I’ve described a woman’s pussy as tasting sweet, but there ain’t nothing sweet about a woman’s pussy, okay? It doesn’t taste like cherries, grapes or apples. It tastes like pussy. Most women, who have a clean pussy, have a musky flavor\odor. But that’s alright. That’s how men like it. We don’t like stinky pussy.


I sent a woman I used to work with some dick pics not long ago. She and I both had a bit of a crush on one another. Someone told my wife about it (I’m thinking it’s the woman I sent the dick pics to using a fake Facebook profile) and that brought up a whole shit storm. As vocal and high-strung as that woman is, I bet she’s pretty loud during sex. I would have fucked her, too. I would have pounded that pussy ’til she cried!

…and this are sexy…

Why do I send dick pics to people? I don’t send them to random people or people that don’t want them, but I’m looking for something. Affirmation that my dick is nice, perhaps? I was part of a Kik group that required men to share dick pics with the entire group. I was part of that for about two weeks. And then I started to wonder…how big of a loser do you have to be to let your life revolve around an app? That’s just as bad as sitting around the phone waiting for your best friend to call with the latest gossip back when we were kids. Times change, but old habits do not. Those people didn’t seem to take much interest in me anyway, so I left. And all I wanted was for someone to talk to.

…this is not!

The women in the one group I was in, the group that was more talkative to me, but not by much, were all big and obese. Now, I’m not trying to fat shame anyone, but there are just some things that are better left unseen. Or, as I once heard a comedian say on a cruise ship, dress your size. I’ve seen plenty of hippos around here dressed like a leopard.

Okay. I’ve rambled and ranted long enough. I’m on about my third or fourth cup of coffee, and this post took an entirely different direction than what I intended. You all have yourselves a nice day!

Graveyard Night

Monkey Journal

This is a pure act of fiction.  All you animal rights activists, don’t get your panties in a twist!

Entry No. 1

Operation Monkey Capture was a success today!  The neighbor’s monkey, of whose name I’m still not sure, throwing rocks at Brutus and busting his eye was the last straw!

I scattered oranges and bananas all throughout the backyard.  I waited in the back porch for the prime opportunity of when his back would be to me, and I shot him with a tranquilizer dart!  He did that screeching thing monkeys do, you know?  I was afraid that someone was gonna hear him, but they didn’t.

He ran for a few feet, a slice of orange dangling from his mouth, and fell over.  I ran out there and snatched him up.  For him being a juvenile, he doesn’t weigh much.

Brutus growled when I brought him in and he had a chance to sniff him.  When it’s all said and done, I may let Brutus have at him.  I thought about waiting until he woke up and shoving him in the oven like that Nazi did to the cat in Apt Pupil, but that wouldn’t be fair to my dog.

Right now, he’s in a cage down in the basement, sleeping it off!  Boy, is he ever gonna be surprised when wakes up and finds he’s shaved as bald as a newborn rat!  He can scream all he wants, but ain’t nobody gonna hear him!

He’s a pig-tailed macaque, or something like that.  I have every corner and joint of that cage secured with zip ties.  The cage door has a padlock on it.

There ain’t no way he’s getting out!

Dear Joe Biden

At his inauguration, I don’t want to hear Biden calling for unity. Joe Biden, I don’t like you. I’ve never liked you! You’re an idiot!

The fact that you chose a woman who was nasty to you in the primaries and called you a racist (I don’t know, you probably are) and you had dead people voting for you, ballot counters walking off the job, and ballots coming up missing, just goes to show that you are as two-faced and deceptive as any other politician!

Don’t talk to me about supporting you and unity! From the moment he was elected, you and your cronies gave President Trump nothing but hell! George Bush, possibly one of the worst Presidents of all time, didn’t get the treatment from you that President Trump did!

You pushed the narrative about colluding with Russia right up to the point of COVID!

Democrats are the party of labeling. Democrats are the party of slavery, of oppression, of segregation-shall I go on? You people tried to assassinate the President’s character over and over again. Even to the point of using a porn star to do it! Take your “unity” talk and shove it up your ass!

Address from the President of the United States

Washington DC,

The White House, Oval Office

The President sits at his desk; his hands clasped and fingers intertwined.  Millions across the country and the globe, wait anxiously for the President to speak.  His expression is somber, but firm.

Beyond the camera, the Press Secretary quietly counts down…three, two, one…

“Good evening.  My fellow Americans, when I ran for office over three years ago, I swore that I would shed light on the corruption and treachery that is so prevalent within our government.  And I intend to keep that promise.

My fellow Americans, I think a vast majority of you would agree with me when I express my disappointment in our elected officials on Capital Hill, and the egregious rioting that took place in both Congressional chambers more than a week ago.  We fight with our words and votes, not with our fists and makeshift weapons.

Of the 535 elected officials, over seventy had to be rushed to the hospital, twenty are in critical condition, Congresswoman Hoover died on the House floor, and it was just passed along to me that Senator Collins from Nebraska, succumbed to his injuries and passed away at 4:37 this afternoon.  Whether Republican or Democrat, my sincerest and heartfelt condolences go out to both families.  Needless loss of life is a travesty.

My fellow Americans, it gives me no great pleasure for what I am about to say.  However, I believe that it is our only option, if we, as a nation, expect to survive.  For too many decades, Congress has had a nonexistent, if not, extremely low approval rating.  No matter the year or election cycle, it has come to be called a “do-nothing Congress”.  Your elected officials make six-figure salaries while Americans starve, and men and women are sent to foreign lands to die in the name of freedom.

My fellow Americans, that is not a Republic-that is tyranny!  For my part, I have surrendered more than 80% of my salary to charitable funds and contributions.  You can find each and every single one on the White House website.

For this reason, and many others to be detailed at a later date, I have declared a state of national emergency and signed Presidential Directive 57. Upon this signing, all members of Congress are disbanded, and Congress suspended. All branches of the federal government will fall in line under the office of President.

At this moment, the 2nd Marine Division out of Camp Lejeune is working in cooperation with the Secret Service to evacuate and secure Capital Hill. No current or previous serving member of Congress may enter the building without escort. Disbanded members may enter their offices, but only to collect personal items. I have directed the Attorney General and the FBI to confiscate all files, both written and electronic for investigation by the justice department.

Any member charged with crimes against the United States will be tried before a military tribunal.

Martial law is not declared. Be that as it may, rioters will be considered by this administration to be domestic terrorists, and will be handled as such by the United States armed forces. Disability and retirement payouts will continue as scheduled.

Dates to elect a new Congress will be set for a series of dates later this year. In the coming weeks, I will be meeting with all the governors to discuss an amendment to the Constitution, establishing term limits for Congressional members, pay and compensation. It is important to note that with Presidential Directive 57, all past members have received a liftime prohibition from ever serving again in the federal government. Also, past members are prohibited from having any affiliation with any future member of the federal government.

This administration will post the proposed 30th amendment to the Constitution in its entirety later this week.”

The President became silent for a moment, and then leaned forwards on his desk.

“My fellow Americans, I know that this comes as a great shock to you, as it does myself. But a forest cannot survive unless the debris is purged by fire. What we are about to endure will be a long and painful process. But I believe we together can do it. We have to do it. For our sake, and our children’s sake.

Whether you like me or not, I need your prayers and support. This is your chance to take your country back and serve it with nobility and dignity.

Although, he was of the opposing party, I admire President Kennedy and his courage. His admonition of every American to ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country, are perhaps the most profound I have ever heard.

Our nation is ailing. Our nation needs you, the American people.

Goodnight, and God bless.”


Who Gives a Rat’s A$$

Years ago, when I operated a political/conspiracy theory blog, a fellow liberal blogger from Massachusetts used to say to me that people can peaceably disagree. Somewhere along the way, we’ve lost that sensibility.

I fell away from that blog, and when I went back to visit years later, she had vanished. Her last and most recent post was from June 27, 2012.

In today’s America it’s okay, and sometimes expected, for you to hate another because they have a different belief system. Robert De Niro stood live on stage, and in front of the nation, he said, “fuck Trump!” Do you know how many people I’ve come across on Facebook who have echoed those words? Talk about an original thought! I hope your head doesn’t hurt after summoning those two words.

Here recently, JR Smith of the Los Angeles Lakers said that the only teammate he ever hated, was Sam Dekker. Why? I don’t give a blue fuck! What I do give a fuck about, is the exchange between Sam Dekker’s wife, Olivia, and JR Smith.

Now, I have to be brutally honest: I don’t give two fucks about the NBA! It sucks ass, okay? I come from an era when games were games and didn’t resemble a pick-up game at some derelict park in the ghetto, and everyone was a fucking ball chucker and played like they were a one-man team. Teams actually played defense and final scores were in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Michael Jordan is arguably one of the greatest of all time! He went six-for-six in the NBA finals, and he didn’t have to recruit every Tom, Dick and Harry HOBO “superstar” like Lebron James to get the job done, either!

With that being said, I don’t give a rat’s ass what JR Smith thinks! Go work the rest of your life in hard, manual labor, get callouses on your hands, or take care of someone who can’t take care of themselves, then come talk to me, or any other blue collar American. Until then, fuck off!

You know, a guy I used to work with retired and six months later, he fell over dead from a heart attack! That’s the American dream for you right there! Physically fit people are more likely to have a healthier, more robust sex life, wealthy women achieve orgasm easier, so on and so forth!

An Op-Ed I read one time said to stop calling adversity sitting at third-and-twenty with a minute to go, and down by three. Adversity is doing the best you can and struggling to put food on the table.

Read the exchange between JR Smith and Olivia Dekker:

I must be missing Smith’s point, if he has one at all. Besides, I don’t give a rat’s ass what he thinks, remember? The only question I have is: since when does supporting President Trump make you a racist? I mean, bigotted hypocrites like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton loved him when he was a Democrat. Or was that his money? I’m guessing his money!

Forget the fact that Democrats are the party of oppression, the party of slavery, and the party of segregation! People talk about President Trump as if he were the second coming of George Fucking Wallace! Remember George Wallace? The famous segregation speech?

Well, in case you’re too damn lazy to do a little research, I’ll give you a brief history. George Wallace was a southern DEMOCRAT, racist and staunch supporter of SEGREGATION! He was elected to four terms as governor of Alabama. You see? He wasn’t a Republican! He was a fucking DEMOCRAT!

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was not only a racist, but a DEMOCRAT! I wonder if she’s being aborted in hell?!

And every four years, we are treated to the same old, worn out and stretched thin diatribe that Republicans are the party of racism. Go fuck yourselves! Democrats are still just as racist; their tactics have just become more subtle.

One more thought before I go: you know how people are afraid of communism and socialism taking over the United States? I’ve got news for you-it already has! When all you have in a country are haves and have-nots, you have socialism. When you have politicians that make six-figure salaries a year while Americans struggle to survive, you have socialism. And when politicians are allowed to spend more than four decades in office and grow wealthy off your tax dollars, you have tyranny.

Think about that before you cast your vote for Joe “Who Am I Running Against” Biden.

Oh, and if you’re a feminist who’s offended by the pictures I’ve shared of the Lingerie Football League (LFL), and you get your jollies off watching movies like Magic Mike and Fifty Shades, then fuck off!